Personal Statement

I am an artist working in the field of sculpture, video and audio installation, with a background both in dance and visual arts. My practice is rooted in my knowledge in both fields, which allows me to approach my themes with a unique perspective and distinct apprehension.

Through my practice I attempt to question and explore my place in the world from a social and political point of view, by creating performative interventions that take place in a defined space. I am interested in building environments and creating situations that induce a specific emotional state in the audience by prompting it to observe, question and participate.

In the times we are living in, facing significant political and social changes, an uncertain future of Europe as we know it and an immigration crisis, it has become central to my practice the question of how to talk about the present and how to engage with diverse social and political issues of urgent character by looking into the past within the context of historical research. This investigation of the past takes often the shape of archival research, collection of footage, photographs and historical accounts, while at the same time scrutinizing my personal experiences, my immigration story and my background. Through the combination of these elements I seek to create work that offers a new narrative, questions established concepts and re-tell stories.

Recently through my practice I have been concerned with the intricate and complex issues that surround the concepts of national and cultural identity and how these affect the sense of home and belonging. I investigate the past in an attempt to understand the human need for belonging without restrictions and boundaries, but by following the senses, the instincts, and the memories. Having as a reference my migration story, I examine my relationship with my homeland within the context of nationalism, immigration, and history.

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